Our People

Harvey Spencer

Responsibilities: Harvey Spencer is the founder and president of  HSA acquired by Infosource. Harvey has over four decades of experience in IT systems gained in systems analysis, programming and strategic planning in various companies. He assists clients in identifying and defining their development road map and go-to-market strategies.

Research Coverage: Harvey’s strategic focus is on the market impact of software used for capturing and intelligently understanding images and data from media using pattern recognition software such as OCR, ICR, voice and other associated recognition technologies. He has extensive experience in capture software and solutions utilized in banking and finance systems. Current research investigations include capture enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Background: Harvey founded HSA in 1989 to offer marketing services to the many companies focused on document related capture. With the digital revolution this has evolved into providing strategic planning services to the broader market of companies developing technologies that enable companies to dissect and understand unstructured and semi-structured inputs for records management, compliance, transactions, customer service and analytics.


Mike Spang

Responsibilities: Mike Spang is Director Research focusing on Capture Software and Content Services market analysis.

Research Coverage: Research includes market sizing, market segmentation, vertical market workflow, competitive analysis and market trends. Mike has two decades of experience in content capture as well as a background in digital imaging and the healthcare industry. He assists clients in gaining a deeper understanding of how capture and content services can be best applied to business process workflows.

Background: Before coming to HSA, Inc. Mike was a Business Research Director for the Eastman Kodak Company and a Marketing Manager for Business Services at Johnson & Johnson. Experience includes market analysis, market research, usability, and process workflow analysis. Mike holds a M.B.A from the State University of New York and a B.A., Biology from Canisius College.

Ralph Gammon

Responsibilities: Ralph Gammon is a Senior Analyst focusing on Capture Software and Content Services market.

Research Coverage: Research includes strategic market analysis including market segmentation, competitive analysis, channel evolution and market trends.

Background: Ralph has 20+ years Capture market experience. He joined Infosource in 2017 as the Regional Manager for the Americas. Ralph was the long time editor and publisher of the Document Imaging Report that was acquired by Infosource. He has now transitioned his focus to coverage of the Capture Software market. He has extensive experience in content development, communications and market analysis.

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