TIS enjoys success in postal market

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We’re currently putting together a story on some of the success that Top Image Systems is having in the European and Far Eastern market. Of course, we’ve arleady discussed TIS’ North American success as a partner with J&B Software. In the European market, TIS is enjoying success in three distinct areas: invoice capture, the corporate mailroom, and national posts. This press release that came out today discusses a deal with Swiss Post, PostLogistics that involves parcel sorting. Overall, TIS, which is like a $25 million company at best, expects to receive $4 million in revenue from postal-realted applications over the next year. The company is also ramping up its Far Eastern business- transitioning toward enterprise applications from lower-margin batch capture sales, which were the specialty of AsiaSoft, the comany it acquired a couple years back. (go to page 7)

Also, in today’s news, JFL Peripheral Solutions, a Visioneer subsidiary that specializs in scanner drivers, has announced a SANE driver for Visioneer scanner. This enables Visioneer scanners to run with Linux and other open source applications. Apparrently, a TWAIN 2.0 driver, which also supports Linux (see page 3), is on the way.

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