WesTech Unveils Fraud Detection Solution Leveraging Parascript Software

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(Longmont, Colorado—April 14, 2016) – WesTech eSolutions Inc. announced immediate availability of the eFraud Solution, a comprehensive check fraud detection solution that leverages multiple Parascript products, which support the detection of potentially fraudulent documents. Parascript partners with highly regarded and successful resellers, such as WesTech, to bring Parascript Fraud Prevention to end users especially in the mid-market arena.

“Having a reliable partner like WesTech that consistently delivers excellent solutions to end users allows Parascript to focus on providing the most precise, accurate automated fraud prevention solutions in the industry,” said Greg Council, the Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.

Parascript provides simple and efficient SDK products that Westech takes and intelligently combines to create a more expansive customer-focused solution.

“Most of our mid-size customers require fairly complex solutions that require us to use advanced functionality available through Parascript technology,” said Bill West, the Vice President of WesTech. “The customization flexibility of the product makes providing an advanced eFraud Solution, not only possible, but quick and easy to implement.”

The new WesTech eFraud Solution identifies counterfeit checks, finds discrepancies on a check between the amounts entered in numbers (courtesy amount) and the amount written in the print line (legal amount)—also known as CAR/LAR mismatch—and protects against signature forgeries for credit unions and other mid-market clients. To find out more, go to WesTech: http://www.westech-esolutions.com/news.html.

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