A Needed Forms Solution Makes its Appearance

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Forms make the world go round. Well perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration, but “forms” are the foundation of most business communications. When we started HSA in 1989, paper forms were ubiquitous. You needed to complete paper forms for just about everything: — to get hired, to apply for a loan, to get medical treatment, to get paid, to file taxes or claims. The list goes on and on. Today we still rely on forms, but many of these have become electronic. Frequently we can use an electronic signature … but not always. Frequently we can send the form to a recipient as a PDF, but sometimes it has to be paper. Sometimes we have to attach other information such as a copy of a driver’s license, verification of ownership or collateral information. All this has to be managed and staff have to figure out which form to use when and how it must be delivered. This is time consuming and new employees have to be trained in what information is needed and who to send it to.

Keymark Inc., an ECM and Capture software reseller and integrator, decided there is an opportunity to manage all these forms more effectively. They developed “Forms InMotion’ to allow users to centralize all their forms with associated rules and dovetail with content management systems. Forms InMotion is designed as a simple to use system that can be accessed over the cloud or licensed. By centralizing all of a company’s forms in a single place, they are accessible on any device, at any time, and connected with relevant data sources allowing for validation and less data entry. It supports PDF as well as HTML forms.

The simplicity comes in such features as the ability to assign users to complete and review the forms and auto fill them. Frequently a set of forms requires an individual to re-input information on multiple forms that are needed by different organizations. For example in a new employee on-boarding application the potential employee may have to complete forms to get them started on the payroll system, to file with the Government, to get them insured and on the healthcare system. Each may require your name, SSN, address etc. so once a field is completed, the system remembers the answer and then auto fills all similar fields in the forms set.

This is a solution that is needed. We all are asked to type and retype information over and over. We have to remember which forms have to go to who and how they must be filled in. The world will continue to run on forms whether they are electronic of paper – software like Forms InMotion is needed to help.

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