Capture Market Proves Resilient During Pandemic

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Software integral to many remote workforce strategies

CHICAGO, IL (September 7, 2021)—In 2020, the Capture Software market grew 5% to reach $5.1 billion in worldwide revenue. This was despite a worldwide economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Capture proved an integral piece of Digital Transformation initiatives which were pushed forward to facilitate an increase in remote interactions. Market demand was also driven by the continued growth of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) space, where vendors accelerated their expansion into the input of unstructured information. 

These findings are discussed in detail in Infosource’s 2020-2021 State of the Global Information Capture Market Executive Summary, which was published this month. Since its 2019 acquisition of HSA, Infosource has carried on the annual reporting done by the analyst firm on the Capture software market. Infosource defines Capture as software used to ingest primarily unstructured information and make it usable in business processes.

In recent years, as Capture software has moved further into the front office and closer to the point-of-entry for business input, Case Management has taken over as the primary use case. This includes applications like onboarding, claims processing, and contract management. Increased intelligence being infused into Capture through AI and Machine Learning technology has improved its automation capabilities and enabled Capture to address more diverse input sets.

The Capture market is at an inflection point as the technology is increasingly being made available through cloud services. This has opened the door for new entrants who are looking to displace established leaders with mature platforms. The pandemic also accelerated the shift away from paper and toward electronic inputs.

These topics and more, including vertical market opportunities, Capture’s intersection with Customer Engagement Management, and drivers and challenges related to cloud services, will be discussed at this week’s 16th annual Capture Conference being held at the Eaglewood Resort in Chicago. “We are looking forward to our annual gathering of industry executives, which was interrupted last year by COVID-19,” said Johann Hoepfner, CEO of Infosource. “This will be a great opportunity for market education and networking, as well as a chance for Infosource to better introduce itself to the leaders in the Capture market. Safety for our attendees is a top priority, and we are taking any feasible measure related to sanitation and hygiene, seating, and distancing options, etc.”

For more information about Infosource’s analyst services, the Capture Conference, and the latest Capture market assessment, please contact Ralph Gammon, Senior Analyst, at [email protected]

About Infosource

Infosource is a leading global analyst firm headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its worldwide team of analysts covers the office automation market including printing and scanning hardware and Capture software. In December 2019, Infosource acquired HSA, Inc., an analyst firm founded in 1989 that specialized in Capture software, which now serves as the foundation for Infosource’s software division.  

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