Intelligent Capture and RPA — Fueling Automation

Not so long ago, the only data needed for a functional modern business was found in content management systems, ERP systems, email, and like systems. Fast forward to the present. There has been a data explosion. Ninety percent of all data that ever has been created has been created in

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Smart Robotic Process Automation or Capture 2.0?

Robotic Process Automation gained traction couple of years ago with a lot of hype about eliminating keystrokes in offices.  And it is true that we all spend far too much time sitting at a keyboard.  The catalysts were: expensive financial analysts sitting screen scraping from corporate filings to paste the

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ABBYY Launches No-Code Platform Vantage 2 and AI Marketplace to Reimagine Digital Transformation

Vantage 2 delivers ready-to-use AI skills for intelligent automation. The ABBYY Marketplace allows users to try cognitive skills to accelerate their automation initiatives. ABBYY, a Digital Intelligence company, announced today, during its Reimagine virtual conference, the launch of Vantage 2, a low-code/no-code platform that delivers cognitive skills for RPA robots, automation systems,

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ABBYY Announces Plans to Buy Process Intelligence ISV

ABBYY recently announced its intention to acquire TimelinePI, which develops a process intelligence platform. According to the ABBYY press release, “TimelinePI’s platform enables anyone to visualize, quantify and understand how processes behave by providing detailed insights into true performance, bottlenecks, and risks. Its patent-pending Timeline Analysis approach is unique in

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Accuracy and Completeness is Critical for Good Decision Making

Around 80% of all incoming business information is said to be unstructured – much of it is in human readable form, but not machine understandable.  Images and other ‘analog’ information such as voice fit into this category.  If this information is not translated into ascii machine readable data, it is

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Is Capture Dead?

There is a common line of thinking when dealing with investors, upper level management and stakeholders:  “paper is dead and so is the hardware, software and solutions that is associated with paper.”  “As business undergoes “digital transformation” there will be no need for solutions dealing with documents.” Is the world, as we

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Blockchain & Capture 2.0

Document management has always been closely related to Capture. How people view the definition of a “document” of course is changing as people get acclimated to a digital document world. The nature of a document as proof, is also transforming in the digital world where security features are employed to

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